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The Making of HEIDI

Heidi ~ a new movie about finding your way home

Staring Tim Kaiser (Christmas Grace, Legends & Lies) and introducing Emily Dunphey as Heidi.


VFX: Sky Replacement
9.16.17 |

BEFORE: northern Michigan and AFTER: the Swiss Alps!

To demonstrate how we'll turn northern MI into the Alps, here's a BTS shot (by Amy Spitznagel of Idyll Farms) of Peter, Heidi and the goats with mountains added into the sky digitally.



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Cast Bios

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Latest News

September 27th, 2017

With the Grandfather scenes completed, the cast and crew have moved onto shooting the Grandmother scenes in Traverse City, while the 2nd unit completes the B-roll of steam trains and the Frankfort street (shot in Frankenmuth, MI) scenes around Michigan.

The only remaining footage, then, will be the Sesemann household, which the crew hopes to finish by November, 2017.

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June 10th, 2017

Principal Photography begins in Traverse City, Michigan.

Filming on a unique schedule is expected to continue in Michigan until November, 2017. The hard-working and talented cast and crew of Heidi are utilizing their creativity and are shooting the movie around their day jobs and other commitments. This allows them to keep the budget low, while maintaining high production values.

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